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QuickSilver is now Google Quick Search Box

Sun, 11/08/2009 - 18:23 -- Kyle Skrinak
I made the switch about a month ago; from QuickSilver to Google Quick Search Box. I did so when I read that QuickSilver's developer had dropped the project but resurrected it as an apparently re-factored project over at Google. Except for the "Google-In-Your-FACE" UI, it's the same great utility that QS was, only now it's maintained, and some new goodness added. Check it out.

Upgrade-install to Karmic Koala (re: check the switch before googling)

Sun, 11/01/2009 - 18:02 -- Kyle Skrinak
When Canonical released Karmic Koala, I didn't hesitate to do the update-manager distribution upgrade. In the back of my mind, however, I knew that I was going to carry forward a bunch of cruft that had built up. The upgrade was successful, but I saw very little difference in basic features. so I decided to scrap the original and reinstall the Karmic as a new installation. I went with the 32-bit version (I'll wait until a 64-bit flash binary becomes available for the 64-bit OS) I already have a /home partition separate from my main / partition.

Rotator.php fix?

Thu, 08/06/2009 - 04:01 -- Kyle Skrinak
Let's say you have a rectangular section of your web page, within which you wish to have a single random image from a directory displayed there. In Drupal there are several, if complicated, ways to achieve this. Each requires the enabling of several modules, which increases rendering times and overall site maintenance. Unsatisified with current options, I explored alternatives and came across the ever-reliable site A List Apart with an article on a php-based image rotation script.

My admiration grows for Drupal

Wed, 07/01/2009 - 03:54 -- Kyle Skrinak
I recently needed to add a feature to a Drupal website I didn't start but now manage. I had to make some webforms (a.k.a., "surveys," to my beloved customer) available to only a select group of users. I created a role for the targeted user group. There were a few pitfalls -- the site is Drupal 5, not 6, (and the difference matters nowadays, as the D6 base is more robust, go figure) and the recommended modules from the webform module references D6-only modules.


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