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Browser javascript speed performance testing

Mon, 01/12/2009 - 18:54 -- Kyle Skrinak
After setting up drupal templates comes the process of inputing the content. It is much less sexy work but nevertheless the reason for the template back-end work. Depending on how you configure your Drupal web site, you might find yourself bottlenecked by javascript client performance. I'm pleased in how I haven't seen any bottlenecking on the Lighttpd/PHP/MySQL end of the equation, at least when running off my local development environment. My affection for lighttpd grows. I wrote the following based on what I perceived to be true:

Upgrading a customer site from Wordpress 2.6.3 to 2.7

Wed, 01/07/2009 - 05:58 -- Kyle Skrinak
I updated a customer's site today from 2.6.3 to 2.7, in preparation of handing it off to our customer. I will be training them today, and one of 2.7's touted improvements is usability. I don't weigh in on this aspect but I'm trusting the wordpress community at their word. There's a number of interesting business model questions associated with developing customer sites with Wordpress but that's for another post. Here's some background on the upgrade: Plugins:
  • askapache-google-404
  • backupwordpress

gedit — really?

Mon, 12/08/2008 - 02:02 -- Kyle Skrinak
I wish ubuntu had a great text editor like BBEdit, TextMate, Coda, or UltraEdit. I use (and like) Quanta Plus but its development has been very slow as the package maintainer readily admits. I don't doubt I can modify vim to better emulate these applications, but it is time-expensive.

Turning the corner on Drupal

Mon, 12/01/2008 - 05:17 -- Kyle Skrinak
Drupal, the open source CMS environment, can be formidable in its complexity. I stumbled across the Zen Theme while researching themeing and I am pleasantly surprised by what it provides. If you know CSS well (and a web designer is remiss in not knowing CSS) then check out creating themes with the Zen theme. Now, onto CCK, views and node templating.

lighttpd and drupal dev environment setup on ubuntu 8.10

Fri, 11/28/2008 - 07:42 -- Kyle Skrinak
I don't intend this post to be comprehensive (nor introductory) but it will address what worked for me after much googling and finding many contradictory pages on the matter. For Drupal to use "Clean" URLs, you must enable server URL rewriting. On apache, this is a trivial task. On lighttpd, much less so. Here's what I did to enable a Drupal directory specific rewrite capability while staying within what appears to be a best practice approach to extending my lighttpd configuration:

    fatal: git checkout problem resolved

    Fri, 11/21/2008 - 07:16 -- Kyle Skrinak
    Sometimes git can be as dark and mysterious as Dan Brown's popularity as a novelist. I was struggling with retrieving a newly created remote branch: git checkout --track -b screensizes origin/screensizes Which rendered: fatal: git checkout: updating paths is incompatible with switching branches/forcing Which is as clear as mud. Googling was fruitless until I found this suggestion: [Switch to the root directory that your tracking]

    Outlining - from MSWord to vim

    Fri, 11/21/2008 - 02:41 -- Kyle Skrinak
    Outlining is a very effective way of brainstorming — capturing a lot of information randomly and then ordering the information in a more coherent manner. I find outlining indispensable at the start of projects, such as scope definition, quoting, task identification and sorting, and so on. I've used Microsoft Word's outlining feature for some time now. It is easy to use, but the canned style sheets are overkill and I invariably turn them off. Additionally, keeping Word up to date has costs and it consumes a lot of computer resources.


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